What can ifCollector do for you?

Overall, ifCollector is an excellent tool for movie and videogame enthusiasts who want to keep track of their collections, discover new titles, and stay organized.

  • Convenience:The app is a convenient way for users to keep track of their collections without having to remember each title they own.
  • Collection Management: Users can easily manage their collection by viewing the items they have added and organizing them by various categories such as title, release date, rating, genre, and platform.
  • Organization: The app allows users to easily organize their collections and find specific items based on various criteria.
  • Personalization: The app allows users to personalize their collection by adding notes or tags to specific items.
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Organize your games, movies or music

Users easily add new items to their collection by searching for them in the app's database. Once an item is added to the collection, users can view details such as the title, release date, rating, genre, platform, and more.

Users can also configure their own and personalized collection views. They can set their view to list, grid, add some information to lists by configuring it on their Settings.

Users can search for their favourite movie, game or album posters using the Search Poster option while adding their item to the collection.