This is an English translation of the Privacy Policy dated 03/21/2023 of ifCollector, (hereinafter referred to as "Administrator"). The english version is for informal purposes only. For all legal matters only the spanish version is to be considered.

1 General remarks

ifCollector collects, processes and uses your personal data in accordance with European and Spanish data protection laws. Apart from some data required to offer you our services, you can decide yourself what information you want to provide.

In our application we use secure transmission technologies as much as possible. However, data transfer on the internet, especially communication via e-mail, may involve security gaps. A complete data protection against access by third parties is not possible.

By using the ifCollector website (hereinafter: platform or application), and registering as a user, you consent to this collection, processing and use of personal data. It is understood that we treat your personal data confidentially.

Personal data, e.g. specific data about personal or factual circumstances of a particular natural person, is collected solely and necessarily for the fulfillment of the contract and to provide the contractual services. Data collection is carried out only to the extent provided by you.

The processing of personal data may involve saving, changing, transmitting, blocking and deleting this data. We save all personal data as it is necessary for a specific purpose or we are obliged to save it by law.

When visiting our platform, your information may be saved on the server when you access it (e.g. date, time, pages visited). This data is not considered personal data, but is anonymous, e.g. name of internet provider, type of access device, tabs visited on the platform. This data facilitates the use of the application.

The user's personal data will not be passed on to any third party. Partners of the ifCollector service are exempted from this. In this case, these services are necessary for the fulfillment of contractual relationships. In these cases the Spanish data protection law will be taken into account, the transfer of data will be restricted to the minimum possible.

You have the right to revoke consent with future effect at any time without limitation. The contact details for exercising this right of revocation can be found in the Legal Conditions of our app.

You have the right to free information about your personal data as well as to the correction, deletion or blocking of your personal data, as far as the Spanish data protection law on personal data is concerned. To contact us, please use the contact details that you will find in the Legal Conditions section of our app.

2 Data required for registration

In order to use the platform, some personal data will be required during the registration process. The necessary information is as follows:
        your name
        your email address, as well as
        a personal user name that you choose yourself, and
        a personal access password that you choose yourself. 

Your username will be visible to other users.    

3 Availability of our privacy policy

This privacy policy is available and printable.


This is an English translation of the legal terms and conditions dated 21/3/2023 of the ifCollector app, (hereinafter referred to as "app"). The english version is for informal purposes only. For all legal matters only the spanish version is to be considered.

1 Administrador y ámbito de aplicación


These legal conditions contain the rules and code of conduct for using the online application for all legal transactions and quasi-contractual activities that take place between you and the administrator. It is possible, however, that additional rules may apply for some special services. These rules will be communicated to you before you make use of them in the form of legal conditions. Legal conditions that deviate from these rules will not be effective unless the administrator explicitly accepts them.

2 Service specification

The app is a virtual environment where items belonging to the app user's/partner's collection of movies, video games, etc. are placed. The users of the platform have the opportunity to manage their collection through the app managed by the administrator.

A free registration is required to use the platform. User use is only allowed under legal regulations.

3 Registration

The use of the administrator's services requires the registration of a user account. Registering the account is a free service.

During registration you must indicate your name and e-mail address, choose a user name and password. In addition, you must confirm that you have read and accepted the legal terms and conditions and the cancellation policy. The administrator will send you an email with the activation link to check your email address. The administrator reserves the right to refuse a user's registration without giving reasons.

All information (except your username and email) can be changed or supplemented later in your profile settings. The password you choose must be confidential. You have to make sure that your data to access your user account does not get into the hands of third parties who may use your user account. In case you lose your password or suspect that a third party has used your user account without your consent, you should inform the administrator about it. To protect your account from unauthorized access by third parties, you should change your account password regularly.

All natural and legally competent persons over 18 years of age as well as legal entities can register as a user. In the case of legal entities, registration must be completed with an authorized representative. Account registration for third parties without consent, as well as having more than one account for a single user is strictly prohibited. The administrator reserves the right to request relevant evidence prior to activation of the user account.

The data requested during registration must be completed and entered correctly. Changes to personal data must be communicated and corrected by the user in the user profile. User accounts are not transferable.

The administrator reserves the right to make use of the service provided depending on some requirements, such as the verification of the user's personal data.

4 Right of withdrawal

We inform you below about the right of withdrawal:

Cancellation policy

A customer is a natural person who establishes a registration within the application.

Right of revocation

You may revoke this contract within 14 days without stating your reasons. The revocation period is 14 days from the establishment of the contract. To exercise your right of revocation, you must inform us in advance (eMail: of your decision to cancel this contract. To observe the revocation period it is sufficient to send the notice exercising the right of revocation before the expiration of the revocation period.

5 Charges for services rendered

Registration and registration of items from your collection is free of charge.

6 Duration of the contract

The contract between the administrator and the user has no expiration date. The user may terminate the contract at any time by notifying the administrator two weeks before the end of the month.

The administrator can terminate the contract at any time by notifying the administrator in the last two weeks before the end of the month. The right to temporarily block user accounts without giving reasons shall be maintained.

The extraordinary right to terminate the contract shall remain between both parties.

7 Rights of use for uploading content

You grant the administrator simple unlimited transferable rights of use in the space and time of the content that you publish on the app, which is necessary for it to operate on the platform.

Specifically, you grant the administrator the right to upload content relating to the collecting platform and to perform any necessary duplication of content (saving on servers, etc.). In addition, you grant the administrator the right to edit content to better present it on the website. Editing may involve shortening or supplementing texts, cropping uploaded images or reducing them.

Apart from this, the administrator has the right to reproduce, communicate and make the content publicly available in the highest possible quality through different devices and different networks (public and private), which mainly consists of the right to transfer the content available by fixed or mobile devices (e.g. cell phones, etc.) or other users. The public reproduction right specifically includes the right to transmit content on the website.

Uploaded text can be read and images uploaded in this way can be viewed. Inevitably, this implies that such content is stored in the memory of the device's terminal and the app's servers.

8 Illegal content

You agree with the administrator not to upload illegal content to the platform. Consequently, you will not contribute, offer or allow access to advertising content (in particular photos, videos, texts, graphics, logos, etc.) contrary to the provisions of the Spanish Criminal Code or the legislation on narcotics, legislation on pharmaceuticals, legislation on possession of weapons or containing:

Slander or defamation regardless of who this content affects, pornography, glorification of violence, abuse, immorality or violation of the law for the protection of minors, harassment of other users, in particular in the form of spam, content protected by law (e.g. copyright, trademark, patent law or utility model law) without being authorized to do so, or content that acts or assists in unfair competitive conduct, including campaigns to attract customers.

Likewise, you are prohibited from publicly disclosing or reproducing the contents of the platform or of other users, unless such public disclosure and reproduction is provided for in the good uses of the platform or the other user agrees to the public disclosure and reproduction. In addition, you are prohibited from making use of hyperlinks in your articles. The Administrator reserves the right to remove such links immediately. You are also forbidden to use the post-contractual communication of the contracts established on the administrator's platform to advertise your own services or other commercial merchandise.

9 Warranties and indemnities

You warrant to the administrator that you are authorized and able to grant the above-mentioned rights within the scope of application for the contents published by you. In particular, you guarantee not to publish content that violates copyrights, trademarks, third party rights or intellectual property rights. Likewise, you guarantee not to publish content of unfair competition. You are obliged to ask for information in this respect and in case of doubts regarding the authorization, to request permission from the right holder. Doubts may arise in particular if:

- It affects works protected by copyright or related rights, such as third-party videos, photos, graphics, logos, trademarks and texts. In this context, it should be mentioned that you may not alienate or edit third party works without the consent of the right holder, a third party who contributes to the production of content in this way may have obtained related rights.

- the contents contain sensitive information for persons or groups of persons, unless you have the corresponding consent or rights of use.

Furthermore, you warrant to the administrator not to publish content in the application that infringes the rights of third parties or immoral content that has been declared inadmissible by the administrator.

10 Liability of the administrator

The administrator is liable for the legal provisions with the following exceptions: If your damage results from a loss of data, the administrator is not liable, provided that the damage could have been prevented by you by regular and complete saving of the relevant data. The liability of the administrator for damages not intrinsic to the contract is excluded. This does not apply if the damage, which impairs life, body or health, was caused intentionally or by gross negligence, as a result of the absence of the warranted properties or a culpable violation of a serious contractual obligation, the fulfillment of which authorizes the performance of the contract in the first place and the performance for which the contractual parties rely on. Liability under product liability law is excluded.

The administrator is not responsible for the correctness, quality, completeness, reliability, type or credibility of the contents published by the user. These in no way represent the opinion of the administrator, and in particular, the administrator does not consider them as his own. The administrator is not liable in case of possible damage or misuse of personal data that may arise from the use of an application managed by third parties.

11 Responsibility of the user

You are liable for any rights granted, contributions, contents of your user profile.

In the event that the services of the administrator are used by a third party, because you have breached your obligations under the grant of rights, you shall indemnify the administrator in full and on demand for liability and costs, including legal costs. The administrator shall immediately inform you of the claim and give you the opportunity to defend yourself against the claim, once asserted to the extent legally necessary or possible. The same applies to claims of third parties when the content violates the rights of third parties without regard to authorship, especially in rights of use and exploitation as provided for in copyright law.

You are liable to the administrator and third parties for your own contributions, comments, remarks and any content of the user profile, in particular with regard to the accuracy and truthfulness of the content. If legal action is taken against the administrator by another user or third party due to contributions, comments, remarks contained in user profiles, you shall indemnify the administrator for any liability and costs of the aforementioned scope.

The use of the platform through an application managed by third parties and similar programs or applications shall be solely at your own risk.

12 User account

The administrator shall provide registered users with a user account.

13 Extraordinary termination of the contract and temporary blocking of the account

You and the administrator have at any time the right to extraordinary termination of the contract in the case of good cause, without notice. The extraordinary termination of the contract is possible especially in case of a violation of these Legal Conditions, violation of the obligation to honestly submit the required personal data or a violation of the prohibition to publish illegal contents. An extraordinary termination of the contract must also be considered for other good reasons, such as loss of access data or suspicion of misuse by a third party. A written notice of termination must be given in any case.

As a less severe measure, the administrator may temporarily block you in case of a violation of these Legal Conditions, in order to urge you to comply with such obligations. You will be informed of the penalty in writing. In case of a user account penalty or termination by the administrator for good cause, you are prohibited from re-registering on the platform to open a new user account without the prior express consent of the administrator.

As an even less severe measure the administrator has the right to delete items from the collection that violate the rules of the present Legal Terms. In choosing this measure, the administrator will take into account your legitimate interests, and in particular, whether you were responsible for such a violation.

14 Data Protection

The collection of your data serves to provide an efficient, secure and user-friendly service to the user.

All information on data protection and security can be found in our Privacy Policy.

15 Functional changes, transfer of contract

The administrator reserves the right to adapt, update, extend or remove features of the application.

The administrator shall have the right to transfer all or part of its rights and obligations arising from this contract to third parties with four weeks' notice. In this case, the user is entitled to terminate the user contract after notification of the contract transfer.

16 Amendments to these legal conditions

The administrator reserves the right to amend the present legal conditions at any time.

17 Final Provision

These terms shall be governed under the laws of Spain. The courts of Spain shall have exclusive jurisdiction and venue to resolve any dispute arising out of these Terms and Conditions of Use.

In cases of interpretative discrepancies, produced by the existence of different versions in languages other than Spanish, the version in Spanish will always prevail over the other versions.